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USPS Tracking: Track the status of united states parcel service. Enter the USPS tracking number and then click on the track USPS button.

USPS Tracking Guidelines

The US post office provides a unique tracking number for each mail order booked.  The format of the tracking number is in either a 20 digits or a combination of 13 alphanumeric characters ( starts with 2 alphabets, following by 9 digits and ends with US) . This USPS tracking number can be used to know the status of the package.  Here are some guidelines for tracking the US post office mail:
  • Enter a valid tracking and check the status. If there are no tracking records, then one of the reason could be a invalid USPS tracking number. Sometimes it will take at least 24 hours for a new mail to show up.

United States Postal Service

The acronym USPS stands for United States Postal Service. USPS is one of the agencies operated by the federal government of United States and is responsible for the postal services. USPS is also known as post office, US mail or postal service.

USPS operations

USPS is one of the largest employers in United States with a work force of nearly 0.6 Million employees. US post office delivers around 600 Million packages to nearly 140 Million delivery points. The USPS has 31000 post offices across different locations in the United States. US post office is the worlds largest postal system which delivers 30 to 40% of the worlds mail.

usps tracking
USPS Tracking

USPS operates an exclusive mail for the defense department which is known as the Army post office. The Army post office serves the Air force and Army department. In a similar way the USPS operates Fleet post office for the coastal guards, navy and marine departments.

Delivery Services

The United States Post office has provided certain guidelines for mailing the articles within the US. The important guidelines are:

Proper Address: The delivery address should be written on the left side of the package and it is recommended that the address should be written with in the optical character reader area. The following format should be followed for the delivery address:

Recipient Name
PO Box or Street Address
City, State and Zip Code

Along with the recipient address, the sender address also should be written on the mail. In case, the mail is not delivered to the recipient, the USPS will return the mail to the sender address.

Postage Payment: A postage payment should be made for sending the mail through USPS. The payment can be made in the form of stamps or postage evidence systems or stamped stationery.

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